Katie, Emma and Claire

On the 20th of May 2017 I met up with Katie, Emma and Claire and their three gorgeous horses! They booked a group photoshoot and we spent our time together at their yard in one of the empty fields near by. At first they were walking around the field getting the horses used to the big empty space and this allowed me to chat to them and make them feel more comfortable around the camera - photos always look so much better if the models are relaxed!!

Here, Katie can be seen with Farne (who is 27!!!) having a wee run about the field. To my surprise, Farne does not act her age and she was bouncing around the place and enjoying the freedom of a large empty field.

The weather was on our favour most of the day, with the odd shower. However, this did not dampen our spirits and we took full advantage of the rain and got some cute headshots of the horses. After about 10 minutes of rain, the clouds stayed heavy and made for a gorgeous background along with the nice lush green grass! There is nothing I like more than a fresh looking field.

After a while of warming up and playing around in the field, we decided since the rain had stopped the girls would have a small canter (with a few strides of gallop) so that they could get a couple of nice canter shots and also to get some of the energy out of their very excited horses!

One thing that the girls wanted was a couple of shots of all three pairs. We waited until the ponio's were tired out and aimed to do it at the end of the shoot so that the horses would hopefully stand still together without winding each other up! I felt that this shot captured the three of them perfectly: happy, healthy horses!

All in all, we all had a great time and a lot of laughs were shared. It was a pleasure to photograph the three of you girls and I hope to work with you again in the near future!

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