•How much are your shoots?
My shoots start from only £25
Visit the  my Equine page for more details!

•What do I wear?
It is completely up to you!! You could go casual with jeans and a t-shirt or go all out with fancy dresses! I love a “themed” shoot (ie cowboys or princesses) so don't hesitate to let me know what kind of shoot you are looking for.


•Where is the shoot held?
Most of my shoots are at my clients yards but we do often go on location - like the beach or the woods!
Again, it's completely up to yourself where we have the photoshoot.


•How long does the photo shoot last?
Depending on what package you pick will depend on the time frame. My advanced shoot (2 hours) is most common as more often than not people like to have a few outfit changes or just want more time to capture the perfect bunch of photographs.


•What if it rains?
I am fully aware that no one (horse nor human!) like shooting in the rain so with that said I always offer to rearrange, free of charge, if the weather is rubbish.


Frequently asked questions